Civil & Building Construction Surveying

We are qualified and experienced in conducting High Quality Civil and Building construction Surveys. Our team of dedicated Surveyors will be with you form beginning to end on your projects and will make sure all your survey needs are met. We will prepare methodologies and item lists specific to each stage/type of the project to help the client fully understand survey requirements.

Civil Construction Surveying


  • Main Roads and Subdivisions
  • Hydraulics
  • Other Underground & Overhead services
  • Dams Construction & Monitoring Surveys
  • Playgrounds
  • Bridges

Surveys will include, but not limited to

  • Survey Control establishment
  • Survey Setout
  • Detailed excavation and construction models to comply with Civil Standard Drawings, Specifications and Design Drawings.
  • Machine Guidance Models, Hardware, and management of fleet.
  • Conformance and Work as Executed (WAE) reporting

Building Construction


  • Survey Control establishment
  • Boundary Definition
  • Survey Setout
  • Aligning with Existing Structures on Brownfield Building Renovations
  • Detailed Setout Models for Piling, footings, Walls, Grids, Penetrations, wet areas, Bolts and Floor Levels to comply with building specifications and design drawings.
  • Machine Guidance Models, Hardware, and management of fleet.
  • Conformance and WAE reporting.

Mining & Mining Infrastructure


  • Mining infrastructure (Building and Civil Construction)
  • Will also include Drone Surveys (Photogrammetry) where needed on existing infrastructure, construction progress and monitoring.
  • Opencut Mining – Daily mining set-out and pickup for:
    • Crests & Toes
    • Drill and blast,
    • Haul Roads,
    • Ramps
    • Tailings,
    • ROM,
    • Stockpiles
    • EOM and Stockpile/Dump Quantity Reporting